Listing Legend podcast

Episode 1. Come List Me – How Real Estate Agents Get new Listings

Real estate agents discover how to use the Listing Legend postcard to get “Come List Me” calls. This system will allow real estate agents to use a high income skill set to create more production and cash big commission checks.

Episode 2. Open House Secrets – Turn Prospects into home Buyers

Open house secrets teaches real estate agents a simple technique that converts prospects into home buyers. Just this one skill can easily add $100,000 or more to your yearly commission checks.

Episode 3. Multiply Your Success – Scale Your Real Estate Business

Real estate agents can scale their business and their success. The Listing Legend technique can explode your business and it doesn’t have to cost you one penny.

Episode 4. Fill Up Your Listing Pipeline – Get New Listings Fast

Real estate agents need to fill up their listing pipeline. Having listings will explode your business. Just a few simple strategies can have sellers calling you to list their home.

Episode 5. I Love This Business – Licensed To Print Money

Real estate agents have a high income skill set. A real estate license is really a license to print money. Find a client and pocket a large commission check.

Episode 6. Build Your Celebrity Brand – The Respect You Deserve

To build your celebrity brand you need to position yourself as the go to real estate agent in your marketplace. If you position yourself properly clients will call you to come list their home.

Episode 7. Guard Your Potential – 100% Committed!!!

Real estate agents that are 100% committed list more homes. You don’t know what potential there is inside of you until you go all in!

Episode 8. Make Real Estate Fun Again – The Coolest Job

Real estate can be an easy, lucrative and fun business if you know how to do it right. Being a real estate agent is the coolest job I know.

Episode 9. Chipping Away At Prosperity -Running For Mayor

Most real estate agents operate as secret agents. You absolutely must become known in your market area as the best choice for a real estate agent.

Episode 10. The Marketing Plan – Double Your Listings

Most real estate agents don’t know how to get listings. You can use my marketing plan to get new listings fast.

Episode 11. Real Estate Disruption – Are Real Estate Agents obsolete?

Can technology replace the real estate agent? I discuss the 2 biggest threats and how to protect yourself.

Episode 12. Change Your Story – Multiply Your Income

Real estate agents sometimes get stuck in a rut. All you need to do is change your story and watch your productivity go up and your income explode.

Episode 13.  Drop The White Space – Double Commissions

Real estate agents make things too complicated. Drop the white space and double your commissions.

Episode 14. What Is Your Super Power?

All Successful agents have a “Super Power”. What is your Super Power? Does It Make You $1,000 A Day?

Episode 15. How To Beat Zillow

Real estate agents can beat Zillow leads. find out how to 10X your advertising dollars. Get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Episode 16. Real estate market is shifting – Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

The real estate market is starting to shift. How you can capitalize on the shift and make 2021 your best year yet!